Most of us Illinoisans excitedly await for spring to finally arrive and stay. The ever-changing weather conditions wreak havoc on our vehicles, and it’s impossible to keep salt out of every crevice. That’s why our Nissan dealership near Gurnee, IL recommends performing spring maintenance on your Nissan. From cleaning off the grime to checking your tires and brakes, seasonal care helps keep your vehicle performing efficiently.

Spring Clean

As higher temperature days come and road crews begin repair work, it’s time to refresh your vehicle for a new season. Salt results in corrosion and upholstery staining. Plus, your car probably has a buildup of dirt, mud, and sand, especially in the undercarriage. Start with a thorough cleaning of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Remove excess items, vacuum floor mats, and wax the exterior. Then, you’ll want to combine that fresh look and feel with an inspection of your vehicle’s systems.

Nissan Service 

Our rough winters result in pothole-ridden roads, and sometimes, it’s impossible to miss one or two on the road. This is why we encourage investing in a tire rotation and/or wheel alignment to ensure everything is properly in place. Changing filters and replacing fluids also helps remove the grime that harms the moving components of your powertrain. Also here at Libertyville Nissan, we can clean the corrosion off your battery and examine your A/C unit. Although the weather continues to fluctuate, spring will eventually arrive, so it’s time to get your car spring ready.

From tires to filters, our experienced technicians are able to assess your vehicle for winter damage while providing service that readies your car for spring. Contact Libertyville Nissan for a service appointment today!