Does your used Nissan have a musty smell? Perhaps when you turn on the air conditioning, it doesn’t feel as cold as it should. Our Nissan service center near Gurnee, IL provides on-site services to help you maintain your vehicle. Plus, we can inspect the different cooling components to give you additional peace of mind before heading out on a summer vacation. If you’re concerned about these hot temps on your vehicle, then give Libertyville Nissan a call or schedule a service online.

A/C Service

Often drivers don’t notice an issue with their air conditioning until it quits working. However, there are signs that it needs to be looked at. For example, you may notice a musty smell in the cabin of your vehicle. It may feel warmer inside than usual or take longer to cool down. With an A/C service, our trained technicians look over your HVAC system, replace your air filter, and inspect hoses and connections.

Battery Inspection

Under the hood of your vehicle, your battery wears down quicker in the summer. Heat increases corrosion and evaporates fluids from your battery. With a battery inspection, our team cleans off the corrosion and ensures that the connections are secure. Plus, we’re able to add fluids to select types of batteries, and we sell replacements as well.

Coolant Replenishment

While you don’t need to perform a coolant flush every season, it is essential to pay attention to your coolant levels. Your coolant has a tough job during the heat of the summer. It’s responsible for keeping your engine and moving parts cool while you’re on the road.

If you’re heading out on vacation soon, then bring your Nissan vehicle into our Libertyville, IL service center. Call Libertyville Nissan or schedule your service appointment online. Don’t let the heat get the best of you this summer, stay on top of your maintenance with help from our friendly technicians.