Chances are you know someone who’s been in an accident recently. Unfortunately, both distracted driving and road hazards cause accidents. Highway risks aren’t always weather-related. That’s why it’s essential to stay alert even when the roads look clear. Our Nissan dealership near Waukegan offers service to keep your Nissan in prime condition. Start by avoiding these common Road hazards.

Rush-hour congestion

Stop and go traffic, especially when you’re stuck in it for an extended length of time, can tedious. To make the time pass, drivers often look to music or podcasts or other types of distractions. However, traffic congestion can bring out the worst. Other drivers may try to cut into your lane or drive on the shoulder. Plus, one small accident can result in a multi-car pileup quickly.

It’s impossible to prevent every accident. However, you can use your mirrors to keep track of cars behind you while maintaining a safe following distance. Keep your eyes open for over-aggressive drivers and stay focused on the road ahead of you.

City traffic

When driving in the city, pedestrians and bike riders can come out of nowhere. Keep your eyes peeled for people unexpectedly crossing the street while also checking your mirrors for bike riders. Be prepared to maneuver around open car doors and even small children.

Along with traffic, you’ll come across construction hazards, obstacles in the road, and distracted drivers. Plus, let’s not forget the weather and road conditions! However, by slowing down and staying alert, you can avoid some dangerous moments. If you have concerns about your brakes or safety technologies, then get your used Nissan checked out at our Nissan dealership. The service center at Libertyville Nissan is here to help you.