At Libertyville Nissan near Gurnee, IL, we know you don’t want to pay more for used Nissan car repairs than you already have to. That’s why it’s important to bring your car in for regular service and inspections, so our service technicians can catch any potential problems before they occur. Something minor, like a tire misalignment, can snowball into a massive issue like a broken tie rod, which can take days to fix. Learn more about tire adjustments below, and dont forget to visit our Nissan dealership if you have any concerns.

Tire Adjustment Warning Signs

After significant use, car tires often become misaligned. This can cause a vehicle to wear more heavily on one tire than the others, which can affect how your car feels while driving. One way to tell if your vehicle is misaligned is if your steering wheel is crooked or pulling sharply from side to side. If the inside of your vehicle vibrates at high speeds or your new tires experience rapid wear, it’s possible that you need to bring in your vehicle for a tire alignment.

Why Get an Alignment at Libertyville Nissan?

It may be tempting to wait to get your car serviced, but if you wait too long to get your tires aligned, your other car parts can become severely damaged as well, resulting in heavy repair costs. For example, an unbalanced car can cause you to purchase one or two tires instead of all four; repair your balljoint, track rod, or suspension; or replace your steering bushing.

Our Nissan dealership in Libertyville, IL relies on trained technicians to assess and repair your vehicle. By keeping your used Nissan car regularly maintained, you’ll avoid costly repair jobs or replacements. Stop into our Nissan service center today to give your vehicle the care it deserves.